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Self-funding and Company bookings: What’s the difference?

21 March 2017

You’ve probably noticed two prices on our course pages, but do you know the difference between company and self-funding? If not, you will shortly!

What are company bookings?
Company bookings are essentially those that work for a company and the company (your employer for example) covers the cost of the training. A VAT receipt is included with this booking type only.

What are self-funding bookings?
A self-funding booking is for those that are paying for the training themselves – basically a direct cost to you. Self-funders would typically be freelancers, sole traders, or just someone that’s looking to learn something new outside of their working lives. We even include students and charities as self-funders.

As you’re the one paying for your course, we try to make life as easy as possible, by providing you with a few benefits. You get the option to split the cost of your training over a 6-month period (FlexiPay), allow you to take advantage of our flexible booking policy (FlexiBook) and give you a 15% course discount!

Trying to keep things fair...

We only have a specific number of places on our courses for individuals requesting ‘self funding’ and request those trying to save a pound or two for their company not to spoil it for those having paying for the training themselves. In addition, if you are trying to fool-the-system by having your company pay your expenses as ‘self funding’ then we know the HMRC will try and apply tax to your ‘expenses’ – so be careful.

To summarise
If you pay, you’re a self-funder, but if your employer pays, then it’s a company booking!

We think that you’ve probably grasped the difference, but if you’re till unsure, visit our dedicated self-funding page or get in contact with us if you have any questions!

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Team Certitec

The more you learn, the more you'll earn!

14 March 2017

Booking onto a training course is rewarding in itself. You gain new skills that you can use to make yourself more valuable, but at Certitec, we want to push you more!

A great first step is to attend an introduction course. You’ll go beyond the basics and become a confident user of that application, but that’s just the start. You then have the option to go one step further and learn those specialist features  - the ones that the majority of users aren’t familiar with? That’s the advanced option.

To help give you that extra incentive, we offer all delegates the opportunity to earn credit towards any future booking. We call it FlexiCredit.

FlexiCredit gives you the chance to earn between £50-£150 of course credit, when attending any 1-5 day training course. It’s our way of saying thank you, whilst encouraging you to continually push yourself to learn more.

You can apply your FlexiCredit to any training course and it really is a case of ‘the more you learn, the more you earn’.

Visit our dedicated FlexiCredit page to learn more!

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Team Certitec

Create eLearning opportunities with Adobe Captivate

2 March 2017

We’re sure you’re aware that Adobe is predominantly known for it’s design, web and video applications, but did you know that they also support eLearning course development?

Adobe Captivate has been created to allow it users to create professional and interactive eLearning experiences, quicker and easier than ever before.

We understand that training internal teams can sometimes be a challenge, but with Captivate, bringing your static content to life is pretty straightforward. You can also take advantage of Adobe stock, so finding that right image shouldn’t be a problem.

Adobe have also recognised that training isn’t a purely desktop experience. Captivate allows you to produce consistently great training experiences across all devices, as content responds according to device. You can even preview to see how your training courses look on various screens!

So after reading all of this, here’s some examples of what Captivate is used for:


  • Creating HD product demos
  • Application simulations
  • Soft-skills or compliance training materials
  • Live and self-paced online courses
  • Employee on-boarding/company introduction


It’s probably more than you thought, which typifies Adobe Captivate. It really is a powerful tool, that can help your business take advantage of eLearning possibilities. 

For more info, visit our Captivate training course page.

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Team Certitec