Weekend training

Adobe training over a weekend in London and Cardiff

We understand that in a busy and modern world, getting everything done Monday – Friday is sometimes not possible. This is why we have introduced our weekend training option for popular training courses such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom in London and InDesign and Photoshop in Cardiff.

Company status

Self-funding status

Payment terms

If you're a company booking we will provide 30 days credit on your invoice - self-funding bookings is payment 10 days before the course (please see below our FlexiBook scheme).

FlexiBook for self-funding individuals

We understand that as a self-funding individual, seeing that perfect course and then actually paying immediately can be very difficult. That’s why we use the FlexiBook method here at Certitec to get your foot in the door but not actually commit. In a nutshell, it means you can book your course with absolutely no commitment. It’s a formula which means you will never owe Certitec anything if you don’t attend!

Who are Certitec?

With nearly 30 years of product experience and training centres in London, Bristol and Cardiff, Certitec are one of the UK’s leading Adobe Authorised training centres. In addition to being an Adobe Authorised Training Centre, we’re also an accredited training provider as part of the Learning and Performance Institute and CompTia Business Trustmark+. We set high standards for ourselves! For more information, you can learn more about us

Certitec weekend training

Why Choose Certitec?

With so many training companies out there, how do Certitec stand out? Firstly, we’re an Adobe Authorised Training Centre. This means that we’re trusted by Adobe to train delegates on their products (there are a lot of companies out there that are not, so please check beforehand). We’ve got tonnes of training experience, so when we say we’re experts, we really are. We also set very high standards for ourselves, ensuring you get the expert training you deserve!