Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud –  a breakthrough in obtaining professional creative software

Adobe has released a cost-effective solution to buying expensive software - it's called the Creative Cloud and marks a huge turnaround in the way in which software is purchased.

The Creative cloud is a rental-model and means you can subscribe for 12 months (or even just 1 month) and enjoy the very latest Creative software from Adobe and much more including cloud storage. Once any updates are available, you will be notified and you can download - so staying up-to-date with all applications 24 hours a day –  7 days a week.

Coupled with the Certitec 15% discount on all scheduled courses and earn rewards on future training with FlexiCredit – there has never been a better time to look at learning Adobe software with Certitec.

The most you will pay for a 12 month subscription is just £38 + VAT (£45.60) per month and you then gain access to the Creative Cloud portal and you can download any Adobe Creative Suite application you wish. If you already have any older versions of the Creative Suite - there might be a special discount scheme running –  see the links below.

For more detailed information, visit the Adobe Creative Cloud pages.