Choosing the right web development course

What’s the difference between Dreamweaver, Muse and Wordpress?

We understand not one shoe fits all - therefore different web building products might suit some and not suit others. This is why we’ve created a simple guide below on the differences between the web training courses we deliver here at Certitec.

Adobe Dreamweaver

The professional choice in web building with no limits. Most of the worlds most impressive websites have been built from scratch using Adobe Dreamweaver and you have total control over virtually any content, scripts, plugins and anything else.


  • Full control and flexibility - a blank canvas
  • Access to both design and code (HTML and CSS) view
  • Websites small and large can be built 

Adobe MUSE

The ‘designers’ choice in web building who probably already knows products like InDesign and can associate with the ‘Adobe’ logic. More for someone who dreads coding (HTML and CSS) and can’t think of anything worse!


  • Brilliant for design oriented people who hate code
  • Very similar to other Adobe products (engineered by the InDesign team!)
  • Drag-and-drop content from websites!


Building your site is performed with a web browser connected remotely to the Wordpress server. You can access thousands of themed pages and can fine tune to your liking. Excellent for building websites and also blogs.


  • Very easy to style themes to your liking
  • Technically - quite easy
  • No other software required

Typical scenarios of what product is best for you

  • A freelancer who might or might not use Adobe software already but wants to build websites for their clients ranging from very simple to very complex - with complete flexibility - Dreamweaver
  • A designer who already uses Adobe software and wants a great looking site - doesn't want to learn code and build it from scratch - MUSE
  • A librarian with no Adobe or web building software skills who wants to build a website for the organisation similar to other library websites - WordPress


The Adobe course was extremely relevant, and I've created my first documents for a client with excellent feedback!

– Ben Smith, Self-funding

Adobe certified with Certitec