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  • Central LondonOnline, Instructor-led
  • 9.30am–4.30pm
  • Workbook & supportSupport
  • Lunch & refreshmentsVideo recording of course
  • 6 days
  • Accelerated learning
  • Business: £1099934+VAT
  • Individual / charity: £934793+VAT (£1,120.80951.60)
  • Adobe CC2023

Course dates


  • 10–11 June 2024, 17–18 June 2024, 08–09 July 2024
  • 15–16 July 2024, 22–23 July 2024, 12–13 August 2024
  • 19–20 August 2024, 19–20 August 2024, 16–17 September 2024
  • 23–24 September 2024, 30 September–01 October 2024, 21–22 October 2024
  • 28–29 October 2024, 04–05 November 2024, 25–26 November 2024


  • 15–16 July 2024, 22–23 July 2024, 12–13 August 2024
  • 19–20 August 2024, 19–20 August 2024, 16–17 September 2024
  • 23–24 September 2024, 30 September–01 October 2024, 21–22 October 2024
  • 28–29 October 2024, 04–05 November 2024, 25–26 November 2024

Course dates


  • 10–11 June 2024, 17–18 June 2024, 08–09 July 2024
  • 15–16 July 2024, 22–23 July 2024, 12–13 August 2024
  • 19–20 August 2024, 19–20 August 2024, 16–17 September 2024
  • 23–24 September 2024, 30 September–01 October 2024, 21–22 October 2024
  • 28–29 October 2024, 04–05 November 2024, 25–26 November 2024


  • 15–16 July 2024, 22–23 July 2024, 12–13 August 2024
  • 19–20 August 2024, 19–20 August 2024, 16–17 September 2024
  • 23–24 September 2024, 30 September–01 October 2024, 21–22 October 2024
  • 28–29 October 2024, 04–05 November 2024, 25–26 November 2024

Option to split dates when booking


The design fast track course is perfect for those that are starting their design journey and are looking to gain skills in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

This course will be delivered through our Accelerated learning approach, allowing you to learn more information, easier and more efficiently than standard training approaches.

Target Audience

This course is for designers, marketers, developers or anyone looking to learn how create professional looking documents, images and illustrations. 

Upon completion, you'll be able to:


  • Navigate the InDesign interface and understand the core features
  • Design a variety of marketing materials for print, web and mobile
  • Use layers, paragraph styles, frames and more will become second nature
  • Take advantage of the core features that enhance productivity, managing data and more


  • Navigate the Photoshop interface and understand the core features
  • Understand how layers and layer masks work and how to adjust accordingly
  • Take advantage of the various export options, whether that's for web, print or other intents
  • Crop, create a composition, work with type, colour correction and lots more


  • Navigate the Illustrator interface and understand the core features
  • Master colour, basic shapes and how to get the most out of the layers panel
  • Take advantage of artboards, paths, the pen tool, graphic styles and more
  • Create documents for web or print and learn best practises for saving, printing and exporting

Accelerated learning

Our Accelerated learning approach at Certitec is unique within the Adobe training industry. Our focus is not on what you learn, but how you learn. Referred to as ‘Accelerated Learning’, this process allows you to digest a significant amount of information more quickly, and more easily than through other methods.

Accelerated learning

  • Establish a firm understanding on the learning process before embarking
  • Overcoming any learned helplessness by reframing what will be learnt upon completion
  • Sessions no longer than 60 minutes each to maximise how we learn 
  • The use of course workbooks to strengthen memory retention (classroom)
  • Finding a balance between new and recap learning
  • Kinaesthetic (‘hands-on’) techniques
  • Video of entire course upon completion (remote)

Find out more about our Accelerated learning process.


What to expect from this course

This six day design masterclass will begin with two days of InDesign training, where you'll get to grips with the InDesign interface, before learning how to design a variety of documents, format with paragraph styles, work with layers, object styles and more. 

Part two of the design masterclass is centred around Photoshop. You'll begin your journey by understanding the Photoshop interface and learn how to create new images, adjust colour on existing images, combine text and imagery, plus more.

The final two days are focused Illustrator. Like InDesign and Photoshop, you'll begin by mastering the Illustrator interface and learn how to create new images, adjust colour on existing images, combine text and imagery and more.

After the six days of training you'll be in the position to take full advantage of what InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator have to offer.

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Day one – Laying down a firm InDesign foundation

Introduction to the workspace

  • Main menu bar
  • Workspaces 
  • Control panel
  • Tool panel 
  • Panels - pages, layers and links
  • Strokes and swatches
  • Document status
  • Page navigation, preflight profile and preflight menu

Designing documents

  • Creating a new document
  • Print, mobile or web
  • Number of pages
  • Facing pages
  • Columns
  • Margins
  • Bleed and slug
  • What type of document - intent
  • Setting up for print
  • Setting for web 
  • Setting for mobile
  • Adding colours
  • Rgb and cmyk

Working with frames

  • What are frames?
  • The types of frames - text, graphic and unassigned
  • Creating text frames
  • Creating graphic frames
  • Creating unassigned frames
  • Working with frames
  • Creating text wrap

Using type and styles

  • Selecting type
  • Creating type frames
  • Selecting type
  • Insert place holder
  • Placeholder text
  • Formatting type
  • Paragraph styles
  • Character styles
  • Import styles from another InDesign document
  • Working with CC libraries

Working with graphics

  • Placing graphics into InDesign
  • Basic placement methods
  • Raster images (pixel based)
  • Vector images (mathamatically based)
  • Linked graphics
  • Embed graphics
  • Images for print 
  • Images for screen/web 
  • Positioning and resizing
  • Autofit graphics into an existing frame
  • Change size and position within a frame
  • Changing frame sizes
  • Transparency

Day two – Building on that foundation

Creating a multi page document

  • Create a new document
  • Margins and columns
  • For printed output
  • For PDF production
  • For delivery on the web or mobile devices
  • Page sizes
  • Orientation - landscape or portrait
  • Page format
  • Facing or non-facing
  • Bleed and slug
  • Master pages
  • Repeating content
  • Automatic page numbering

Working with layers

  • Why use layers
  • Locking layers
  • Creating layers
  • Layers panel
  • Moving content to different layers
  • Hide layer 
  • Lock layers

Working with threaded text

  • Importing text
  • Formats of text
  • Copy and paste text
  • Import Microsoft Word text without style sheets
  • Import Microsoft Word text with style sheets 
  • Placeholder text
  • Overset text
  • Threading text
  • Threading options

Links and output

  • Linking graphics
  • re-linking graphics
  • Links panel
  • Preflight panel
  • PDF for email and web
  • PDF/X-1a
  • PDF for print 
  • Create profiles for different printers

Day three – The key concepts of Adobe Photoshop

Introduction - basic concepts

  • Pixel resolution
  • Colour RGB v CMYK
  • Preferences - light or dark
  • Interface - panels, option bar and toolbox 
  • Workspaces - saving
  • Concept of anti-aliasing

Opening and closing

  • File formats available
  • Navigation - zoom, pan and shortcuts

Digital Fundamentals

  • Brush basics
  • Resolution
  • Resizing and interpolation

Introduction to selections

  • Geometric marque tool
  • Create new layers
  • Concept of masking
  • Layers and layer masks
  • Lasso and polygon lasso 

Cropping and straightening

  • Crop tool
  • Non-destructive cropping
  • Straighten tool
  • Basic retouching

Blur, sharpen and noise

  • Smart filtering for blur 
  • Smart filters for sharpening
  • High pass

Day four – Understanding the bigger picture

Colour basics

  • Colour wheel
  • Compare RGB - CMYK
  • Colour settings
  • Proof colours

Basic Colour Correction

  • Assessing images
  • Auto correction
  • Adjustment layers

Creating a composition

  • Selections
  • Drag and drop
  • Story of silly leaf and smart leaf
  • Adjustment layers and masks
  • Place - link or embedded

Working with Type

  • Adobe type
  • Type 101 
  • Point and area type

Export options

  • Understanding a PSD
  • Save-as or export
  • For web
  • For print
  • For other intents

Create panorama

  • Photomerge
  • Retouching

Day five – Understanding basic Illustrator concepts

Essential Illustrator concepts

  • What are vector graphics?

The Illustrator interface

  • Exploring panels and workspaces
  • Using the control panel
  • Navigation
  • Preview options
  • Setting up your document
  • Managing a custom workspace

Creating new documents for print or web

  • Advanced document controls
  • Modifying your document
  • Changing units of measurement
  • Working with grids
  • Working with guides
  • Smart guides

Working with colour

  • Adjusting Illustrator colour settings
  • Process or global swatches
  • Basics of the colour guide panel
  • The colour panel
  • RGB v CMYK
  • Defining swatches
  • Working with gradients

Selection essentials

  • The selection, direct and group selection tools
  • The lasso tool
  • Magic wand
  • Select same
  • Editing anchor points
  • The bounding box

Basic Shapes 

  • Exploring the various shape tools
  • Understanding fills and strokes
  • Compound shapes
  • Pathfinder options
  • Duplicate objects
  • Fill and stroke attributes
  • Grouping

Transformation Tools

  • Scale
  • Rotate
  • Shear
  • Reflect

Alignment, distribution and spacing

  • Aligning, distribution and spacing to selected objects
  • Aligning, distribution and spacing to artboard
  • Aligning, distribution and spacing to key object

Understanding the layers panel

  • Visibility and locking
  • Selecting via the layers panel
  • Sub-layers
  • Deleting layers
  • Grouping and naming layers
  • Changing the stacking order
  • Moving objects from one layer to another
  • Copying objects from one layer to another
  • Adjusting layer previews

Object transformations and duplicating

  • Moving and copying objects
  • Rotating and scaling objects
  • The transform panel

Basic text editing

  • Creating point text
  • Creating area text
  • Text formatting
  • Creating text threads

Day six – Developing the understanding

Placing images

  • Working with images
  • Using the links panel
  • The basics of image trace
  • An introduction to live paint

Working with artboards

  • Working with different page sizes
  • Re-sizing and modifying artboards
  • Creating new artboards and copying artboards
  • The artboard panel

Working with paths and the pen tool

  • Understanding vectors - paths and anchors
  • Drawing straight segments
  • Adding curvature
  • Working with open and closed paths
  • Joining and averaging paths
  • Adjusting control handles
  • Using pathfinder

Working with brushes

  • The calligraphic brush
  • The scatter brush
  • The art brush
  • The pattern brush
  • The bristle brushes

Graphic styles

  • Exploring the appearance panel
  • Creating graphic styles

Working with symbols

  • What are symbols?
  • Using the symbols libraries
  • Using the symbol sprayer tool
  • Creating new symbols
  • Breaking the symbol link
  • Redefining symbols

Working with type

  • Creating a grid with guides
  • Working with point type
  • Working with area type
  • Formatting text
  • Tracking and kerning
  • Saving time with keyboard shortcuts

Working with images

  • Embedding images into Illustrator
  • Masking images
  • Deeper into image trace
  • Using live paint and fixing problems
  • Clipping masks

Saving, printing and exporting

  • Saving to legacy formats
  • Saving templates
  • Saving for the web
  • Creating bitmap images
  • Using Illustrator files in InDesign and Photoshop
  • Creating PDF files

Classroom trainint

Advantages of classroom training

Classroom training has many advantages over other formats of training since in-person interaction and communication plays an extremely important part to absorbing information. 

Classroom training allows you to get trained in a safe, quiet, clean environment, away from the noise and pressures of the office or home. The classroom environment provides the important “human touch,” which is often missing in technology-based training. 

You can’t beat real life interaction when asking important questions and receiving immediate feedback. 

Other benefits of classroom training include:

  • Group interaction. People learn from one another as well as from the trainer
  • Training groups can be large or small
  • Classroom training also teaches us how to interact with one another in a professional, productive, cooperative way, which is something that other forms of training often don’t provide

Remote training

Advantages of remote training

Remote training introduces a virtually no-limits training option since it's extremely flexible. You can attend a remote training session anywhere in the world and has become increasingly popular over the last few years. 

Remote training plays itself into your hands and you can harness technology to enable you to use traditional computers, tablets and even phones for complete flexibility.

You can see your trainer (webcam) and they will take you through the training session like you're actually attending a classroom training event.

Other benefits of remote training include:

  • No travel to the classroom - you can attend remote training in your pj's if you wish!
  • Training groups can be large or small and even split over multiple locations and even multiple countries at the same time
  • You have the ability to interact with your trainer by talking, electronically raising your hand and even allow for them to see your screen (if you authorise)
  • All remote training sessions are recorded - so you can play-back at anytime in the future and enhance your learning experience


Are there any discounts for individuals/self funders and charities?

You will save 15% off the course price if you’re a non-business delegate and includes the following:

  • Self funding individual
  • Charity

When you select your booking status (as above) then our system then automatically deducts 15% from the price.

How do I actually book my course?

Find the course you wish and then click on the ‘book now’ button and complete the form.

What are the payment terms?

Please refer to our how to pay document.

How do I enter / use a PO when making my booking?

When you book your course and select the 'company' option - you will be able to enter a PO number into the relevant field. We will then issue your invoice with the PO embedded.

If you missed the PO field - just email us back with your PO and we'll do the rest.

What are the training times?

We start at 9.30 and finish at 4.30pm with plenty of breaks and 40 minutes for lunch. For more details visit our specific timings page.

Is there any pre or post study required prior to undertaking any course?

The simple answer is no.

If you have booked an 'Adobe certified' course with us - you do have the option to view some sample documents we send across prior to your exam.

Although this would only affect your scoring by a couple of percent either way.

What is Adobe certification?

Adobe certified professional. Build a unique portfolio and gain a professional certification that communicates your advanced knowledge- that is what becoming Adobe certified is about.

Is there any technical support after the course completes?

After your course, we don’t leave you high-and-dry. Our technical support is provided for a lifetime.

How do I gain multiple Adobe certifications?

Become an Adobe certified professional with our Adobe certification masterclass. It will provide you with a solid qualification in the design / video sector and increase your chances of landing your dream job!

I become Adobe certified a couple of years ago. Does this mean I'm still Adobe certified?

When you undertake and pass an Adobe certified professional (or the retired 'Adobe certified associate) exam, then you will always be certified in the specific version of the exam you undertook.

e.g. You become Adobe certified in Premiere Pro CC2022 and you will always possess this accreditation.

However, as time moves onwards, Adobe will release more recent versions (e.g. CC 2023, CC2024 etc).

Therefore to remain 'current' then you will need to ensure you have passed the very latest version of the Adobe certified professional exam.

How do I obtain the Adobe Creative Cloud software?

You can either subscribe to the entire suite (that’s all the applications) or just one application on a monthly basis. Adobe offers a free 7-day trial for each application if you wish to try before you subscribe. 

Just visit the Adobe Creative Cloud page and see what might be the best option for you.

What happens if I am unwell on the morning of my course?

This is just fine from a course perspective since you can re-arrange again (according to our course schedule) for no fee.

Can I jump immediately to an advanced course?

Delegates attending an Advanced course must already possess at least 85% of the knowledge of the (previous) Introduction course. This is so you are not out of your depth in the Advanced course and also so other delegates are not affected.

Will I be able to work to my own agenda in the training?

Our courses are scheduled and run with the same outline and objectives.

Whilst our trainers can field some ad hoc questions along the way we are unable to provide specific information on your personal project.

Is the training just 'watching' or is it interactive?

The training is interactive just like you were in the training room with the trainer.

You will download the training files and work through modular exercises with your Adobe certified instructor.

If you need assistance you can ask your trainer and they will help you work through any issues you experience.

What if I fail my Adobe certified exam?

Should you not pass the first time, you can retake the exam (up to 5 separate free attempts are allowed) for no charge when the course runs again in our schedule.

The Adobe certified professional (ACP) exam is facilitated solely by Certiport and their testing solution (Exams from Home [EFH]).

See our booking conditions should the Certiport EFH system become inaccessible or inoperable.

Will I get a certificate for attending?

Yes - your Adobe training centre certificate of attendance will be emailed after your training course completes.

What do I receive after my course completes?

Upon completion of your course, you will receive the following assets:

  • a video of your actual course with your trainer (remote)
  • a video of your classroom trainer delivering the course syllabus which you covered (classroom)
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • links to supplementary 'help' documents if applicable to your course

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Course: Design masterclass Design masterclass 6 days – 6 days

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Spaces, 60 St. Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4JS



18 reviews


recommended the course

The 1-hour sessions really helped with my remembered what we covered and created a break-state. I now clearly understand the differences between the applications and the most efficient ways to use them. Thank you!

Ashley Moore. 4th October, 2023

The training was informative and useful

Scott Jules. 20th July, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed this ‘buffet’ of the main Adobe design applications! It was high quality training throughout and extremely pleased that I learned and remembered so much

Trevor Shilling. 3rd May, 2023

By the end of the course - I admit to preferring InDesign as my favourite and go-to program in the future since it contains all I require to build marketing documents Excellent training!

Linus Peel. 18th April, 2023

I loved the accelerated training system used and it enabled me to remember much more than I thought I would. This was very important when studying three applications and highly recommended

Brian Scott. 22nd February, 2023


Design masterclass

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“My trainer knew InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator like the back of his hand and conveyed everything in a simplistic and logic manner.”

Louise Cadman, Logistics, Paddy LLP

“After attending the Design fast track 5 day course – I now feel I can undertake a range of design projects on behalf of my company. Thank you so much!”

Janet Freya, Bids, Bunker Lilly

“I feel the background subliminal music really helped my absorb the information during this Design fast track course ... did I mention our trainer Tommy was incredible!”

Mike Poppy, Royal Mail

“For me, the best part was the workbooks since I know I'll definitely remember more information this way. Much better than having to read a manual after the course. I will be back.”

Alex Turner, Private, Wolverhampton

“I loved that fact we ended each session by reviewing what we previously covered. It made a huge difference since we covered InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator! Fab training course!”

Harry Pollev, Marketing, Jolly SoftWorld

“In my opinion – the trainer nailed it! Design masterclass in London in 2020. Thank you.”

Victor Lille, Private, Durham

“Discussing each exercise before starting made a huge difference to my learning experience. We all fully grasped the ‘why’ and then ‘how’ of each feature. Great idea and I feel I absorbed so much in the Adobe ‘design triangle’.”

Humany Scott, L&D, Rocht Plc

“I was so impressed we covered so much in just 5-days within the Design masterclass course in London. It was a lot of information, but I can safely say I’ve remembered most of it and can’t wait to start using my new skills.”

Eric Blanche, Private, Basel

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