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2 days
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  • 9 – 10 delegates: £1,998 + VAT
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  • 18–19 October 2021

Remote training

  • 18–19 October

What to expect from this training course

This course is for those new to Lightroom, but want to start working at an Advanced level. You'll go from learning about the interface, to managing catalogues, utilising multiple modules and even edit your imagery. The Certitec course will provide all the required skills needed by photographers to get the most out of Adobe Lightroom. The course will show delegates how to use Adobe Lightroom in depth to create more efficient workflows for image processing.

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Remote training course

IMPORTANT - This is a remote training course delivered online by an Adobe Certified Instructor (not classroom based).

About this course

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Improve the way in which you import, process, manage and showcase images with this highly acclaimed introduction course. We concentrate on all the areas of Adobe Lightroom plus a lot of surprises! Learn the everything about Adobe Lightroom and save time overnight!

Who is this course for?

Our Masterclass course is ideally suited for beginners and for those who wish to know virtually everything about Lightroom. This course is intended for people who work (or who are planning to work) with the lots of digital images and with Adobe Lightroom. Professional image processing is now such a popular process that this course could be useful to those who work in virtually any industry. On completion of this course you will understand all the concepts of Adobe Lightroom.

Training videos

After this course you have free access to our professional on-line training videos developed by our own Adobe Certified Instructors - so keep learning after the training course.

What you will learn

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Navigate the interface with confidence
  • Import images
  • Sort & filter images
  • Handle wide range of image adjustments
  • Add metadata (IPTC)
  • Develop images appropriately
  • Prepare for images or showcases for web or print workflow
  • Build photo books
  • Lightroom and Photoshop workflow
  • Back up Images and Catalogue
  • Customise your own custom identity plate
  • Shoot tethered straight from the camera
  • Develop entire image workflow from start to finish

Break up your training into smaller pieces

This course can be taken as one continuous block or broken down into smaller segments, namely Lightroom Essentials, Lightroom Advanced. There is no extra charge to split your course and some people prefer to learn over a longer period.

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Why not visit out social media sites such a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to read course reviews and see pictures and videos of how previous delegates have enjoyed their Certitec courses.

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Course outline

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Day 1

Getting started

  •     Introducing Lightroom interface
  •     Module Picker
  •     Dimming lights

Importing photos

  •     Shooting Raw vs JPEG
  •     Importing images from a card
  •     Importing images from a disk
  •     File handling during import
  •     Importing videos

Library module

  •     Lightroom Catalogues
  •     Backing up the Catalogue
  •     Library Module panels
  •     Working in Loupe view
  •     Working in Survey view
  •     Working in Compare view
  •     Rating and labelling images
  •     Collections and Smart Collections

Develop module

  •     Develop Module Interface
  •     Basic panel
  •     Tone Curve panel
  •     HSL/Color/B&W panel
  •     Lens Corrections panel
  •     Effects panel
  •     Black and White conversions
  •     Sharpening images and Noise Reduction
  •     Exporting images from Lightroom

Map module

  •     Geotagging images in the Map Module
  •     Location filter bar
  •     Editing Pins

Book module

  •     Creating a Book
  •     Editing the Book pages
  •     Editing Cover Pages
  •     Publishing the Book

Slideshow module

  •     Creating a Slideshow
  •     Layout and Options panels
  •     Previewing and playing the slideshow
  •     Exporting the slideshow to PDF, JPEG, and Video

Print module

  •     Layout and Settings panels
  •     Page Options
  •     Picture Packages
  •     Print Job panel, Printing Modes
  •     Printing to JPEG

Web module

  •     Layout Style panel
  •     Choosing the right gallery: HTML, Flash, Viewer
  •     Changing the appearance with the Appearance panel
  •     Changing the image info with the Info panel
  •     Output Settings
  •     Exporting the Web gallery

Day 2

Advanced tour of Lightroom

  • Advanced Exploration of Lightroom Interface
  • Adjusting Workspace Layout
  • Working with and Customising Panels
  • Working with the Main Area
  • Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Creating Your Own Custom Identity Plate

Advanced importing

  • Importing Images from a Watched Folder
  • DNG vs raw - Is DNG the future?
  • Converting Images to DNG
  • Shooting Tethered from a Camera
  • Working with multiple Catalogues
  • Importing images from another Catalogue
  • Advanced Merging of Catalogues

Viewing and managing images

  • Mastering Filmstrip
  • Mastering Metadata
  • Using Keywords
  • Using Painter Tool
  • Flagging Images and Deleting Images
  • Renaming Images, Batch Renaming

Quick develop

  • Quick Develop in Library Module
  • Rotating and Flipping Images
  • Colour Corrections

Develop module

  • Cropping Images
  • Straightening Images
  • Removing Spots
  • Adjusting White Balance
  • Applying Colour Corrections
  • Making Colour Adjustments
  • Applying a Graduated Filter
  • Removing Distortions
  • Removing / Applying Vignettes
  • Recreating Film Grain
  • Retouching Images with Adjustment Brush
  • Working with Virtual Copies
  • Synchronising Adjustments
  • Editing Images with Photoshop CS6/CC
  • Bringing Images Back From Photoshop into Lightroom
  • Undoing and Redoing
  • Copying and Pasting settings to speed up the Workflow

Book module

  • Accessing Images in Book Module
  • Creating Custom Photo Book from Scratch
  • Laying out a Book
  • Configuring Pages
  • Adding & Removing Pages
  • Book Layout Options
  • Photo Books and Collections
  • Book Collections
  • Adding Text and Captions to Images
  • Exporting Photo Book for Print

Slideshow module

  • Choosing a Slideshow Template
  • Customising a Slideshow Template
  • Customising Slideshow Playback Options
  • Exporting a Slideshow

Print module

  • Using Print Module Templates
  • Single Image / Contact Sheets Templates and how to Create Your Own
  • Using and Customising Picture Packages
  • Customising a Print Module Template
  • Saving Your Own Custom Print Template
  • Advanced Printing Options Within Lightroom Print Module

Web module

  • Customising a Web Gallery
  • Saving Your Own Custom Web Module Template
  • Uploading Your Web Gallery to a Web Server

Post-production workflow

  • Backing Up Your Catalogue
  • Setting Up Automatic Back Up
  • Backing Up Your Library of Images
  • Exporting Images
  • Uploading Images from Lightroom to Facebook and Flickr


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Training dates


  • 18–19 October 2021

This course can also be taken as split courses

Lightroom Essentials


  • 18 October 2021

Lightroom Advanced


  • 19 October 2021

If you don't see any suitable dates here, it might be more economical to deliver a private training course for you

When submitting a booking for this Adobe private training course you can suggest suitable dates on our booking form

Remote training

  • 18–19 October 2021

This course can also be taken as split courses

Lightroom Essentials

  • 18 October 2021

Lightroom Advanced

  • 19 October 2021

Training Locations

London Covent Garden

Spaces, 60 St. Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4JS


This striking period office is every bit as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside. From its eye-catching façade to its contemporary, quirky interior décor, our 60 St. Martin's Lane training location is guaranteed to impress. Conveniently located on the east side of St Martin's Lane, you’re minutes away from Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Charing Cross tube stations. Not to mention the array of buses that pass by. With Westminster on your doorstep, you’ll never be short of things to do. You’ll find gastronomy to suit any taste and price range without the need to venture far. As well as a huge variety of pubs and restaurants, you’re also in the epicentre of London’s West End. Treat yourself to the ample choice available at London’s theatre district and immerse yourself in Covent Garden’s incredible shopping choices nearby.



15th Floor, Brunel House, 2 Fitzalan Road, Cardiff CF24 0EB


The Cardiff training centre is in the heart of the city with all amenities and transport links on the doorstep. A great location for those taking the train since it's immediately behind Queen Street station, and there are numerous car parks nearby for those who prefer to drive. Fantastic views of Cardiff can be seen from Brunel House and our training room is modern, air conditioned, has super-fast internet links and has the trainer’s monitor is situated next to each delegate.


Broad Quay House, Prince Street, Bristol BS1 4DJ


Broad Quay House is situated on Bristol's waterfront in the heart of the city. Our training room occupies one of the most visible positions in Bristol, just yards from Queen Square, overlooking the floating harbour and surrounding areas. Easy access by road and rail - an ideal central city location with high-speed internet links and air conditioned offices. Bristol Temple Meads station is just a 4-minute taxi ride away (typically a 15-minute walk).

Remote training courses

Our remote training courses are designed to give you complete flexibility and receive the exact same training experience – remotely!

Like our in-class training, the same course agenda will be followed and course numbers will be kept to a minimum, so you have the opportunity to interact and ask the trainer questions.

  • The same flexibility as in the classroom
  • The same experience but no travel
  • All training sessions are recorded for future reference

See more about remote training


Further information and FAQs


  • Basic knowledge of Windows or Macintosh.

General information

  • Courses start at 10am and finish at 5pm. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of the course on the first day.
  • We supply all computers, software and courseware, pads, pens, lunch and refreshments.
  • Access to a secure section of our site that offers useful tips and tricks.

What's for Lunch ...

We provide flexible lunch vouchers which can be redeemed at outlets nearby such as:

  • Bella Italia
  • Boots
  • Burger King
  • Co-operative
  • Eat
  • Greggs
  • McDonalds
  • Pizza Express
  • Pret A Manger
  • Starbucks
  • Sainsbury's
  • Tesco
  • to name but a few.


We supply 6-months rock-solid support via email on the subject matter covered during the course. Find out more…


What's the difference between scheduled and private training?

Scheduled training courses take place in a classroom at one of our training centres. The dates and course structure are set in advance, and class sizes are usually limited to fewer than 10 delegates.

Private training courses take place at your premises or ours, and allow us to offer a session tailored to your organisation's needs.

The best value for money is most often found in our scheduled training, though private training can be cost effective for large groups.

Do you charge any travel or hotel expenses for private training?

If you are within a 50-mile radius of any of our London, Cardiff or Bristol training venues then no additional charge for travel or accommodation is applied. For more specific information then please see our private training courses page.

Introduction or Advanced training - what is best for me?

Our best advice is to carefully check our course outlines, which set out everything our trainers will cover in each course. If you feel comfortable with more than 80% of the outline to an introduction course, you should be ready to take an advanced course. If not, an advanced course could leave you feeling out of your depth, and an introduction course would be the better option.

Am I eligible for free or discounted Adobe software (by taking a course)?

Unfortunately, no. However, Adobe has released the Creative Cloud, which means you can now license your software on a monthly or yearly basis at a great price! Licensing costs are much lower for students, educational bodies and charities.

What's the difference between 'company' and 'self-funding status'?

Self-funding is for people who are unemployed, employed by a company but taking the training for their own gain (not a function within that company) or looking to start their own business (but not already started). Please visit our more detailed self-funding page which contains all the information required to identify advantages and disadvantages of 'company' and 'self-funding' status – it is very important to understand the differences.

I have a FlexiCredit voucher for another course - how do I spend it?

Each course of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 days will accrue a FlexiCredit voucher of £60, £70, £80, £90 and £100 + VAT respectively. Just use the discount field for FlexiCredit on your next course booking or call us on 0845 527 0768 and we'll then deduct the amount from your next course. We just need you to supply the invoice number of the qualifying booking which accrued that FlexiCredit.

I am from overseas –  can I attend a training course?

Yes, anyone over 16 years old can attend a Certitec training course. Payment for the training course must be paid for in advance in order to satisfy UK guidelines.

How do I book my training course?

You can either book online (look at the main navigation menu above, navigate to your course of choice and select BOOK COURSE) or call us on 0845 527 0768. You are not required to fill in any bookings forms – we'll take your information and then email you the 'ePaperwork' – simple. Please ensure you have added to your list of accepted email addresses.

Will I receive any type of reminder prior to my course?

Yes, 5 days beforehand. This reminder by email (to the person who made the booking) will contain information such as course, venue, dates, start/end times, and delegate names. Please ensure you have added to your list of accepted email addresses.

Is the training with Mac or Windows?

We cater for both operating systems at all our training centres. Just let us know your preference when you book and we'll ensure everything is in place when you attend your course. We currently use Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and Windows 10 (October 2016).

Is there much difference between Mac and Windows?

Besides the slight difference in opening and saving files on a Mac (using the Finder) and Windows (using Explorer), that's pretty much it. The Mac uses the keyboard accelerator 'Command' key and Windows uses the keyboard accelerator 'Control' key. So if you've learnt on a Mac and then switch to use Windows (or vice versa), don't worry – you'll adapt straight away.

Is there any type of dress code?

No, just wear whatever is comfortable for you.

Who attends your courses?

We train people from all walks of life, from self-funding individuals, freelancers and charity workers all the way up to leaders of large organisations. If you're over 16 and have basic computer skills, you can attend our courses.

As well as receiving some great training, you might even make a contact or two – so bring your business cards and get ready to meet people with similar interests.

What do I need to bring to the course?

Just arrive in plenty of time and we'll handle the rest. You'll be given writing pads, pens and a first-class course book that's yours to keep – a perfect way to refer back to techniques covered by the trainer.

Can I bring along my own laptop?

Yes, although the training itself has to be carried out on our workstations, because of software licensing agreements with Adobe. You're free to use your own laptop and devices during breaks, and we offer Wi-Fi internet access.

Can I bring my own project for you to help me with?

We'll always try to deal with personal requests when time allows but we can't guarantee that our trainers can assist with all such issues. Our main goal is to ensure that all delegates are given expert guidance in the topics listed on our published training outlines and that they each receive the training they have paid for.

Can I bring my Wacom (or compliant) graphics tablet?

Yes, so long as you give us 24 hours notice, because we'll need to install the driver software ahead of time.

If you have a Wacom (or compliant) tablet but you have never used it before, we don't recommend that you bring it with you, as you may be hindered during the course.

Is there car parking at my training venue?

Most of our training locations are based in major city centres, so we recommend using public transport or local car parks. Our London, Cardiff and Bristol venues have NCP car parks near the training venues (fees payable to NCP), and Cardiff has bicycle parking at the back of Brunel House.

What about refreshments and lunch?

Our training centres have a lunch voucher scheme with different outlets to suit various diets. We also offer free tea, coffee and biscuits during breaks.

What about payment for my course?

We'll auto-invoice companies with payment allowed up to 15 days after the course.

For self-funding individuals payment is required 10 working days before the course starts. We accept payment by bank transfer, BACS, CHAPS, cheque and all major debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX – with transactions in British Pounds, Euros or American Dollars). Payment instructions can be found in the email containing your invoice.

How about splitting my course?

All our 5-day Masterclass courses can be taken in smaller segments. For example, our Design Masterclass, which comprises 2 days of Photoshop, 2 days of InDesign and 1 day of Illustrator, can be split so you can take the courses over different periods. Just let us know when booking or making your enquiry.

Does my course come with a certificate?

Thanks to extensive customer feedback, we use a very successful eCertificate system after completion of your course. At 11pm on the final day of your course, we'll email you a personalised certificate. Gone are the days of soggy certificates – now you can save and print them forever!

After my course, do I become Adobe Certified?

You'll receive an official Adobe Authorised Training Centre course completion certificate after your course, which is different from the Adobe Certified Associate Associate or Expert qualification.

However, we do run courses that enable you to get on the fast track to Adobe Certified status.

I have taken my ACA exam and need to re-access my account

In readiness for your Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam, you will have set up an account with Certiport ( You'll need to use your Certiport username and password to access your Certiport account.

We don't hold your Certiport login details on record: despite our similar names, Certitec and Certiport and not part of the same organisation.

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Course : Adobe Lightroom Masterclass – 2 days

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