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Introducing Remote training courses!

29 August 2017

Have you seen our latest approach to training?

Giving our delegates the opportunity to gain new skills is our number one goal, whether that’s in the training room or now, at a location of your choice!

Remote training is pretty straightforward. Like our in-class training, you’ll get the same training team and course agenda… Just from a location of your choice!

The obvious question is “what’s the benefit of attending a remote training course” and the answer is that there are many!

Firstly, you can attend training without getting out of bed (if you have the option). Ultimately, you can attend our remote training courses from anywhere in the world.

You can see and interact with the trainer, but also allow your trainer access to your screen to help you get through any challenging situation.

What’s even better is that all courses are recorded. Once the course is over, we’ll send you a copy of the course, so that you’ll have the opportunity to run back through after it’s finished.

Remote training is a great option with many benefits, so take advantage of our latest offering and get the skills to take you to that next level!

Many Thanks

Team Certitec

New courses added

15 August 2017

Video editing courses are becoming increasingly popular amongst the professional community, with more people than ever before wanting to attend a Premiere pro and After Effects training course.

To help meet this demand, we’ve decided to add additional course dates to our training calendar, giving those interested greater flexibility with more dates to choose from.

For those reading this and thinking ‘ I have no idea what Premiere Pro or After Effects are?’ here’s a brief overview on both applications.

Premiere Pro would be your chosen application if you’re looking to edit digital video. Premiere lets you create videos, perform colour correction and work with audio (plus lots more).

After Effects can best be described as the perfect application to take your video content up a level. It allows you to add motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video and web.

If video editing is something you’re keen to get into, Premiere Pro and After Effects really are two great options!

Many Thanks

Team Certitec

Show us how you’re using your skills

2 August 2017

For those that have previously attended our courses, we want to hear from you!

As a training centre, our job is to give you the skills to succeed, but now we want to see how you’re using them.

Whether it’s designing new promotional materials, imagery you’ve edited, videos you’ve created or even websites you’ve developed… We’d love to see examples of your work!

Share your work by posting on our Facebook page, tweeting us and by tagging us in your Instagram post, but make sure to include #CreatedByMe within your post!

Thanks and we’re looking forward to seeing your work!


Team Certitec