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Adobe Certified success stories - Animate

The benefits of becoming Adobe certified - Animate

Read Simon's story of how becoming Adobe Certified with Animate has taken him to that next level.

Simon Barnes

Simon Barnes


  • Company: Harman
  • Location: London
  • Course: Adobe Animate Masterclass + Adobe Certified
  • Date: February, 2017
  • Qualification obtained: Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) in Adobe Animate

Why did you choose this Certitec training course?

I chose this course because my job requirements had changed to include email and web-based interactive elements. After my company allowed me to pick a relevant course to gain the skills needed, I focused straight-away on Certitec as I have successfully completed a number of courses with them before and the past experiences with them have been enjoyable.

What did you think of the training facility and area?

The training facility was great - it's located in a great area, just a very short walk from Covent Garden underground station and the building itself is easy to find.

I felt that the class rooms within the facility were just the right size - I had more than enough room on my desk and the trainer could easily jump from one delegate to another without using up precious time.

Having tea/coffee facilities and (probably too many!) biscuits nearby certainly added to the friendly but focused atmosphere!

How do you rate your trainer and their instructional skills?

The trainer I had throughout my course duration, Marek was friendly, very informative and clearly had years of experience in his field. He's guidance was easy to follow and at any point where I stumbled he was very quick to point out where I made the mistake and how to rectify it.

Did you gain more work/a promotion/a new job as a result of the training?

I gained the ability to take on new work requirements that were otherwise unknown to me - web animations and output formats for the web, which I would have struggled with before. Now I have the confidence and knowledge to work on online animated content successfully.

Why would you recommend this training course to others?

I would recommend this course because it is a great learning environment - eager and helpful trainers, and a relaxed, no-stress atmosphere!

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