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Adobe Certified success stories - Dreamweaver

The benefits of becoming Adobe certified - Dreamweaver

Read Nick's story of how becoming Adobe Certified with Dreamweaver has taken him to that next level.

Nick Walker-Smith



  • Company: Harman
  • Location: London
  • Course: Adobe Dreamweaver Masterclass + Adobe Certified
  • Date: May, 2017
  • Qualification obtained: Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) in Adobe Dreamweaver

Why did you choose this Certitec training course?

I wanted a good working knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver for work activities.

What did you think of the training facility and area?

The training facility was very good and such a great location at London Covent Garden!

How do you rate your trainer and their instructional skills?

My trainer Marek was excellent, he communicated everything very well and made things easy to understand - which is very important with a complex topic such as Dreamweaver.

Did you gain more work/a promotion/a new job as a result of the training?

The training enabled us to bring more work in-house and the training was a result of a job promotion within my organisation.

Why would you recommend this training course to others?

Yes, ironically it was recommended to me too!

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