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Adobe Certified success stories - Illustrator

The benefits of becoming Adobe certified - Illustrator

Read Stephanie's story of how becoming Adobe Certified with Illustrator has taken her to that next level.



  • Company: Self funding
  • Location: London
  • Course: Adobe Illustrator Masterclass + Adobe Certified
  • Date: April, 2017
  • Qualification obtained: Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) in Adobe Illustrator

Why did you choose this Certitec training course?

I am developing some logos and infographics at work and felt I needed something to boost my professional development having only been in marketing a short while. I also wanted to learn new things from people working in different landscapes.

What did you think of the training facility and area?

The training facility and area was impeccable. It was very clean and tidy and it was so nice to have the added touches of the Certitec pads, USB, training book.

How do you rate your trainer and their instructional skills?

Our trainers was especially passionate about his work and passing on golden tips he had accumulated over the time he had been in print. He told you whatever you needed and was extremely patient offering support following the course.

Did you gain more work/a promotion/a new job as a result of the training?

I gained experience and am working towards a promotion by proving a variation of professional development. This was a tangible way to prove new skills and I have excelled in my role in being able to do more.

Why would you recommend this training course to others?

It is a beginner to advanced course and what you take away sticks with you due to the practical side of the course as well as the teaching. It is well worth the money and I say that as a self funded attendee.

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