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Adobe Certified success stories - Premiere Pro

The benefits of becoming Adobe certified - Premiere Pro

Read Victoria's story of becoming Adobe Certified with Premiere Pro has taken her to that next level.



  • Name: Victoria Jazwiecka
  • Company: Self funding individual
  • Location: London
  • Course: Adobe Premier Pro Masterclass + Adobe Certified
  • Date: March, 2018
  • Qualification obtained: Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) in Adobe Premiere Pro

Why did you choose this Certitec training course?

For quite a long time I was looking for good and solid Adobe Authorised Centre that would offer a variety of different courses to undertake. After reading and checking few websites and comparing, I decided to choose Certitec due to positive reviews, available dates (this was very crucial to me), interestingly presented schedule and programme of the course.

What did you think of the training facility and area?

The location of Certitec in Covent Garden in London was very convenient for me. In general, I think it is very easy to reach to the place walking from nearby tube stations. 

The building itself is nice and the staff are also very welcoming. The lecture rooms are just enough for the amount of people undertaking the course. I also liked that instead of sitting behind each other and looking at the one screen on the wall to see what the lecturer was doing, we were sat around the room and had monitors shared between two. It was much easier for me as I could stay focused and just glance quickly. Also the teacher had easier access to us, he could watch us doing the tasks and had easier assess to us if we needed help. Plus the teacher was nice, very helpful and always answered our questions or repeated something if that was needed.

Certitec provided refreshments and snacks during the course. We were also given a lunch vouchers to be used in variety of places round the area! I think it was very good idea as everyone could choose and go eat whatever s/he wanted!

How do you rate your trainer and their instructional skills

Despite of being a foreign I found the language understandable and simple. You do not need a specific vocabulary knowledge to do the course as all is explained during it! The teacher had a knowledge and you could tell that also a lot of experience on working with the softwares.

Why would you recommend this training course to others?

I would recommend this course because the staff are competent and knowledgable. They are friendly and helpful, always trying to explain the case/thing the best they can. They are very patient and are ready to answers multiple questions with precision. 

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