Convincing the boss

Convincing the boss just got easier!

We understand that getting your manager to approve your training can sometimes be a challenge, so we’ve created a nice little guide to help make your life that much easier.

The guide includes:

  • Why should you choose Certitec as your training provider
  • The benefits Adobe Authorised training provides you
  • Our training methodology and hands-on approach
  • The training guarantee we provide
  • Takeaway assets and resources from the course
  • Post-course technical support
  • Benefits to you and the company
  • An ‘email your boss’ template (downloadable below)

What to do next?

Just click on the links below to start building your business case:

Read the guide below to Help you convince the boss

Fill in the template to send to your boss

Download brochure to see all our Adobe courses

Helping you convince the boss

Happy Certitec delegates

Who are Certitec?

With nearly 30 years of product experience, training centres in London, Bristol and Cardiff, Certitec are one of the UK’s leading Adobe Authorised training centres. We’re also an accredited training provider as part of the Learning and Performance Institute and CompTIA

Why Choose Certitec?

With so many training companies out there, why would you choose Certitec? Firstly we’re an Adobe Authorised Training Centre. This means that we’re trusted by Adobe to train delegates on their products (there are a lot of companies out there that are not, so please check beforehand). We’ve got tonnes of training experience, so when we say we’re experts, we really are. We also set very high standards for ourselves, ensuring you get the expert training you deserve! 

Happy Certitec delegates

Our training methods

Our training courses aren’t easy. Delegates that attend our courses arrive with ideas and leave with skills that benefit them not just for the short-term, but also for the rest of their careers. No waffling, just good quality content that will benefit you, the delegate. Our teaching methodology works. You’ll be taught how to do something – then asked to do it yourself (with our guidance of course). We strongly believe this approach yields the best results.

Training quality

We strongly believe that we have the best trainers in the industry. They’ve been hand picked, are all Adobe Certified Instructors and have years of training experience. There’s nothing worse than not being able to ask a question or get time with the trainer, so our solution is simple; we put restrictions on delegate numbers. Yes, this means that our courses fill up quickly, but at least you know you’ll get the training you deserve. 

Our training guarantee

We are extremely confident that due to our high quality trainers and their expert delivery you will fully understand the course content and be able to come away with the information required. However, to provide you even more confidence, if for any reason you wish to attend the same course again – our training guarantee means you can. No quibbles and no problem. 

Happy Certitec delegates

Benefits to you and your manager

We’re more than confident that when you leave our courses, you’ll be leaving with loads of new ideas and most importantly, the skills to follow through with these ideas. Having more skills makes you more valuable – it’s as simple as that. You can start designing professional looking materials, make your imagery go from good to great or utilise the power of video and digital publishing – All of which helps your employer stand out and target their audience in new and innovative ways!

Take your work home

We’re more than happy for you to take home everything you learnt on the course. We supply every delegate with a usb stick, so save your work, show your manager and feel free to keep going back to it. In addition, you’ll also receive a course book that will act as your ‘bible’ for all things surrounding your course.

Post course support  

Every delegate will get 6 months technical support with all of our courses. It’s something a little extra we like to offer, giving you the piece of mind beyond your course. 

What do previous training delegates say about Certitec? 

Over the past 12 months we’ve achieved a 94% feedback from our delegates. In addition to the feedback surveys, we also have several video testimonials from previous delegates, so take a look and see what they thought of our courses.

Private Training

The convince the boss template is geared towards scheduled training at one of our training venues. If you wish to discuss private training (which offers a different pricing structure and is typically for teams) then please see our options for private training.

Need help putting together an email to you manager?

Sometimes it’s not easy to put all the necessary information into an email, so we have created a simple template to email your boss.

Fill in the template