Course Funding

Funding opportunities

There is a lot of government funding available - just ask

In these challenging times businesses need to keep a tight rein on costs, yet research shows that businesses that do not train their workforce are 2.5 times more likely to fail than those that do. That is why the Government is putting more funding and flexibility into skills support for businesses through various initiatives.

An example of personal funding is the Welsh Assembly Government's ReAct programme. If you have been made redundant within the last 3 months or are under the threat of redundancy. The funding can cover up to a maximum £1,500 of training costs. Contact Careers Wales (0800 100 900) and discuss your options with them.

For businesses in England there is funding available for companies with more than 5 employees – some generous funding options are available.

There are many other options available and the examples above represent only a small number of applications we've processed recently with great success!

All we require is formal intent of funding and we can initiate the training course, with no worries about any red tape as we deal with funding applications each and every day.

No matter what, we're here to help so contact us.