Training evaluations

Each and every training course we deliver will provide you the opportunity to give your honest feedback on how you thought the training went.

We strive for continual improvement and see your feedback as a positive way of ensuring we deliver what we promise. If we see any feedback which can result in an improvement in our training or facilities then we will work together to a positive conclusion.

Each Certitec trainer achieves an average satisfaction rating of over 92% (figures from January - December 2016) and we are very proud our delegates have voted their training to be so effective.

Were you delighted?

We use the ‘Delighted’ system to gather delegate feedback after the course. This system asks for a simple scoring of between 1 (not very happy) and 5 (extremely happy) and an option to provide more feedback. Filling-in the feedback takes just seconds! The system will then provide Certitec with the following information:

  • Promoters (people who loved the training)
  • Passives (people who liked the training)
  • Detractors (people who were not satisfied)

Below is a real-life example of the type of feedback we receive: