When to book your course

Booking your course - when is the best time?

We regularly get asked ‘when’ is the best time to book your course and our answer is simple – the earlier the better!

Advantages of booking your course early

Typically we recommend booking 2-4 weeks prior to a course or even earlier because of the following:

  • Your place on the course is guaranteed. To ensure that you get the time and attention you deserve, we keep our course numbers down, meaning that our courses fill up quickly. Booking on early ensures that you get the course date that best suits you. 
  • Keep your accounts team happy. If you're a company and need to sort any supplier forms or purchase orders - there is enough time prior to the course
  • Help organise your travel. If you have to travel into town, booking early will help you benefit from cheaper pricing (no last minute price hikes for hotels or transport). If you need to book a hotel room, doing it last minute would mean less availability, so booking your course early will allow you to choose your first choice hotel option due to greater availability
  • Oversees delegates. You will have enough time to transfer payment for the course if paying via BACS since sometimes it can take up to 5 working days (although we also do take credit and debit cards)

Booking your course last-minute

You can book your course right up to the last minute and even on the day of the course! We have the option open up training space to accommodate additional demand, so it really is never too late to book on. We do however suggest that you call beforehand to check availability.

How to book your course?

Just click on the BOOK option on the course page and fill-in the booking form. Alternatively contact us.