Why train with Certitec?

Why should you choose a professional training course from Certitec?

Receiving professional training from Certitec has many benefits.

  1. We all strive to earn more money and be successful - attending professional training really helps towards achieving those goals. The majority of our delegates say that they attend our courses to acquire better and more advanced skills. 
  2. Learning is a never ending task. We continuously need to upgrade our skills, whether it be in a area we already know, or something completely new. Professional training allows you to do exactly that.
  3. Professional training helps you identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths in a relatively short period of time. 
  4. Understand how the skills you learn can be applied to real world scenarios. All Certitec trainers have strong industry experience, meaning they’ve got the experience to go beyond what you’ll learn in the Adobe application. 
  5. Make yourself more valuable. Employers often favour those with a track record of professional training. Being self-taught doesn’t have the same value as displaying course certificates from an Adobe Authorised training centre.
  6. Keep up with the times. All Certitec courses cover the latest updates, so you’ll get to grips with the latest that Adobe has to offer. We may also share some unknown’s and give you a sneak peak  of Adobe updates that most don’t know!
  7. Improve efficiency. Save time and effort by learning clever shortcuts, using the right tool for the job and generally having a deeper understanding of the application.