Course refresher

We provide a free course refresher for up to 12 months from your original attendance. No quibbles.

We understand that before booking your course, knowing that you can have a free refresher gives you that added assurance.

Although we have full confidence that you will meet your training goals on our courses, we also understand that you may attend the course and then not use the software for a while – or any other reason. This is where a refresher might be needed to get back into the zone.

  • Retake within 12 months
  • Lunch and refreshments (classroom)
  • New workbook (classroom)
  • Technical support

Our course guarantee retake

No questions, no quibbles, no problem! 

If you don't feel that you've grasped the concepts and can put the training into practice, we invite you to repeat the same course within a 12-month period absolutely free of charge (see terms below).

Video playback on all remote training courses

Don't forget, you will always receive a video of your remote training course and this is another way to re-absorb the exact course you originally undertook.

Free refresher terms

  • Guarantee offer is only made to the original person attending a Certitec scheduled classroom training course and is not transferable
  • Guarantee offer is valid for 12 months from the date of the original classroom course
  • Offer is only applicable for one repeat sitting of the same course originally attended

Requesting your free retake

Just fill-in the form below requesting your free course retake and we can arrange for you.


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“I found the accelerated learning methodology an extremely powerful way to retain information in a training course. 10/10 and very pleased with the outcome!”

Simon Jackson, Bid manager, Klever Plc

“In a nutshell – it was fantastic and cannot praise you enough!”

Liam Potter, L&D manager, Hola Travel Guides

“I was impressed with Certitec every step of the way. Their professionalism shone through and I am thoroughly happy with my experience.”

Connie Abrahams, I.T., White Raft Global

“The trainers, equipment, location and learning structure was impeciable! Thank you.”

Delores Peyo, Translator, South America Discovered

“It can be described as an exchange of knowledge – I am truly thankful.”

Jo Dems, Private, South Downs

“I loved the way in which the trainer was able to relay what we did back to us for better memory retention. It was quite extraordinary and memorable for sure.”

Howard Freeds, On-boarding, Tyne Books

“There was not a single question which our trainer could not answer. The course flowed very well and recapping each session worked superbly. Thank you.”

William Boroughsburg, Buyer, Print

“It is the first ever computer training course I attended where they used storytelling to relax us, which helped me especially absorb more information. Fantastic.”

Mo Jacobs, PA, Ing

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