Following UK government advice - we have closed our classroom training and migrated to remote training until the 11th May, 2020.

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Inside our London training facility

An overview of our London training facility

We understand some people would like to see our training facility, so we have put together information that will aim to answer all your questions.

For those wanting to talk to us in person, please note that our head office is located outside of London and only training is delivered from our 90 Long Acre facility. Should you wish to discuss any of our training courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to view our training facility, we would typically recommend a 1.30pm appointment with one of our training team, but please contact us beforehand to arrange a viewing. We also post course pics on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media channels, so please also visit those to see more about our training experiences. 

90 Long AcreOur modern training facility is within easy reach of Covent Garden underground and is towards the Drury Lane end of Long Acre.

View inside a typical training room

Take the journey from Covent Garden underground into our 90 Long Acre training facility and see how we engage with our delegates and let the training commence!

Technical overview of our London training facility

  • Every delegate provided a computer: Yes
  • Training rooms: 3
  • Workstations per room: 10
  • Computer hardware: iMac (running macOS and Windows 10)
  • Adobe software: Adobe Creative Cloud CC2019
  • Average age of computers: 18 months
  • Mobile device charging: Yes
  • AppleWatch charging: Yes
  • Internet access: Yes
  • Trainers computer: Broadcasts onto multiple monitors in room(s) so everybody can see the trainers screen
  • What else do we provide: Writing pads, pens, tea/coffee and our amazing biscuits and fruit snacks

We support both macOS and Windows computers
 - this means everyone works together through every module of the training before moving forward.

Working alongside the trainer - Having the trainers computer broadcast on a screen next to you really helps keeping things in context in all our training courses.

Why not dig-deeper and see what really happens in a typical Certitec training course.