Update 11th February 2021. We continue to deliver classroom and remote training as an educational establishment.

Splitting your course

Splitting your training course

Did you know that you have the option to split your Masterclass (4 or 5 day course) into smaller blocks of training?

For those interested, here’s a few common questions answered about splitting your training course:

Are there any cost implications when I split my training course?

Yes, it’s cheaper if you decide to book a longer course (4 or 5 day course) and you then have the flexibility to split into smaller courses.

Is it best to attend in one block or split into smaller courses?

This really does depend on your individual circumstances. Below is our guide on the advantages and disadvantages of splitting your training course: 

Advantages of splitting your course

  • You’ll have time to use the software after the first course in readiness for the second
  • You won’t be out of the office for large periods of time (2 days, rather than 4 or 5 days)
  • When returning for the Advanced course, you might have some questions to ask the trainer about content covered in the previous course

Disadvantages of splitting your course

  • If you don’t use the software after leaving the Introduction course, it’s going to be more challenging when joining the Advanced course
  • You may be less focused, due to it being a while since you were last in the training room
  • Sometimes you might get a different trainer (although we do use lesson-plans to keep the content delivery the same) - your experience might be slightly different, although we do try our best to always use the same trainers for the Introduction and Advanced courses