Training assets

Additional Course benefits

Adobe PDF of training book

You will receive a link to download the Adobe PDF of the exact book you received on your course over email at 11pm on the day your course completes . The electronic version is searchable is can be copied onto your computer, phone or tablet for easy reference. 

Online training videos ( portal)

Our most popular Adobe Training courses (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom) all come with professional training videos to follow-up your training course for a real blended training experience. Many of the video titles cover the entire course you have taken and others are full of many tips and tricks to add to your learning experience. You will receive a link to view the videos over email at 11pm on the day your course completes

YouTube channel

Certitec has posted many cross-title professional training videos onto our YouTube channel - CertitecTV. So take a seat, grab your mouse and start watching!

Technical Support with your Adobe Certified Instructor

Please visit our technical support page for any specific issues you might have. We use a professional agent-based system which monitors job ticket submissions and monitors each part of the support process.