Training methodology

Our trainers qualifications

The industry’s most suitable experienced and qualified instructors will provide you with the highest-quality training, ensuring you can immediately apply the course’s processes, concepts, and methodologies to your job.

As an Adobe Authorised Training Centre we must only deliver training with accredited trainers with the following qualifications:

Together they form what is called an Adobe Certified Instructor.

Training methodology

The format of your professional training

All of our Adobe Certified Instructors are from the industry – delivering classroom examples of how you will use the software in the real-world. 

We deliver our professional training in the following format:

  • Hands-on training at a workstation (Mac and Windows supported)
  • Our trainer’s monitor is placed next to you so you don't miss anything
  • Modular exercises – a structured way of learning from the bottom-up
  • Course numbers are kept to a minimum, so that every delegate gets the attention they deserve
  • Hands-on practice during the training
  • Valuable student and trainer interaction
  • Real-world demonstrations

The benefits of interactive training

The benefits of our interactive instructor-led training classes mean our trainers will:

  • Answer all questions applicable to the class
  • Clarify misconceptions as they happen
  • Provide guidance and balance
  • Demonstrate concepts and real-world examples

Training methodology books

Blended learning and support after the course

To provide a blended-learning experience, after the course each delegate (on our scheduled courses) will receive the following:

  • One high-quality book written by either Certitec's training team or from Adobe themselves
  • Online resources to use after the class including videos and an Adobe PDF of the training book
  • Direct access to your trainer after the course through our professional FreshDesk technical support system

Professional accreditation underpinnings

Certitec has to pass rigorous training and business process testing with industry organisations to ensure we keep delivering to the highest of standards namely: