Update 11th February 2021. We continue to deliver classroom and remote training as an educational establishment.

Remote training scenarios

Once in the virtual training room, here’s your options to get the most from of the training: 


Scenario 1: Using a mobile device

scenario 1

Our remote training gives you the opportunity to view our trainers screen on your mobile or tablet device, whilst working on a separate screen to complete training tasks. It’s important to note that this option doesn’t allow our trainers to gain access to your screen and help show you where you’re going wrong.

Scenario 2: Dual screens 


Taking a dual screen approach is the closest to how in-class training is run. This approach gives you the option to work of one screen and follow the trainer on the other. The trainer can also gain control of your screen, should you need any help.

Scenario 3: Single screen


For those that don’t have access to two screens and want the trainer to have access to theirs, a single screen is the best approach. You can use a split screen function to complete tasks on one half of your screen, whilst following the trainer on the other.

Scenario 4: Just watch, take notes and review the session video


You can sit back and watch the training on your computer or mobile device - this can be ideal for those who might prefer this method of learning. Don't forget all training is recorded so you can play-back the session at anytime in case you missed anything.