Setup options

It's not just about undertaking remote training in your pyjamas - there are so many other benefits!

Other functions available during the training:

  • HD quality display - your trainers screen will be seen in HD quality
  • Audio via computer - crystal clear 
  • Hand raisingsignal when you need to ask a question (or ask aloud)
  • Chat - exchange messages with everyone
  • Mobilejoin session from a tablet device
  • Show your screen - your trainer can troubleshoot your computer

Receive online training from Certitec

Different ways of participating

Everyone is different and based on your specific availability of computers and mobile tablet devices - it's good to know what works best for you.

1. Computer with two monitors

The first monitor will be you using the Adobe CC application and following the exercises. The second monitor will be your view of the trainers screen.

Online training-2

2. Computer with your software and trainer split (limited space)

This works although you will be somewhat limited when it comes to the size of what you're viewing.

Online training-3

3. Computer with Adobe CC and a mobile tablet for viewing/listening to the trainer

This is a great way to maximise your working on the computer following the exercises being outlined by your trainer on your tablet. 

Online training-1

Follow the steps below to setup your mobile device:

  • download the GoToTraining app for iOS or Android onto your tablet device
  • register for the training event (from your booking confirmation email from Certitec)
  • when you receive the email confirmation - click on the 'Add to calendar' link
  • select the entry in your calendar and scroll down to find the training access code
  • on your tablet, launch the GoToTraining app and enter the 9 digit access code

“I found the accelerated learning methodology an extremely powerful way to retain information in a training course. 10/10 and very pleased with the outcome!”

Simon Jackson, Bid manager, Klever Plc

“In a nutshell – it was fantastic and cannot praise you enough!”

Liam Potter, L&D manager, Hola Travel Guides

“I was impressed with Certitec every step of the way. Their professionalism shone through and I am thoroughly happy with my experience.”

Connie Abrahams, I.T., White Raft Global

“The trainers, equipment, location and learning structure was impeciable! Thank you.”

Delores Peyo, Translator, South America Discovered

“It can be described as an exchange of knowledge – I am truly thankful.”

Jo Dems, Private, South Downs

“I loved the way in which the trainer was able to relay what we did back to us for better memory retention. It was quite extraordinary and memorable for sure.”

Howard Freeds, On-boarding, Tyne Books

“There was not a single question which our trainer could not answer. The course flowed very well and recapping each session worked superbly. Thank you.”

William Boroughsburg, Buyer, Print

“It is the first ever computer training course I attended where they used storytelling to relax us, which helped me especially absorb more information. Fantastic.”

Mo Jacobs, PA, Ing

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