FlexiBook - flexible bookings


We understand that choosing the right course will also mean you have full flexibility and are in control. That’s why each and every scheduled course booking with Certitec comes with a host of additional extras.

Book your course - no commitment (for self funders)

We understand that as a self-funding individual - seeing that perfect course and then actually paying immediately can be very difficult. That’s why we use the FlexiBook method here at Certitec to get your foot-in the door but not actually commit.

In a nutshell - it means you can book your course with absolutely no commitment. It’s a formula, which means you will never owe Certitec anything if you don’t attend!

Our automated systems will do the hard work of reminding you of when payment is due – another reminder and then if payment is not made... We just move you off the course - all courtesy of our clever online systems!

Here’s how it works ...

  • Find your course, select a date and book it
  • We send you an invoice (payment received 10 working days before)
  • If you pay - you’re on that course
  • If you don’t pay - you just walk away since our system will remove you if you don’t pay (automatically) within 5 working days of the course commencing - No penalties!
  • There will never be a time when you will owe Certitec anything if you don’t attend
  • As our booking system looks after all of the reminders, it’s no trouble on our end and we can accept multiple bookings for multiple courses
  • Have to cancel on short notice? That’s fine. We’ll work with you to re-arrange your training, so you’ll never miss out on the training you require

Move your course right up to the last minute - no fees (all booking types)

There are times when something last minute comes up that just can’t be moved. FlexiBook gives you the flexibility to change your course, right up to the last minute. There’s no need to worry about loosing your money or losing out on the opportunity to learn some new skills! 

Re-attend your course - free refresher (all booking types)

If for whatever reason you wish to take the course again then just let us know - we're here to ensure your training is memorable. No questions, no quibbles, no problem! See our refresher course page for more details.