Self funding and student discounts

Are you a self-funding individual or a student?

Certitec understands how difficult it can be to fund professional training if you're just starting out or looking to make a career change or you're a student.

That's why we've introduced a great 15% discount scheme for self-funding individuals and students.

This scheme also applies to educational establishments and charities.

You will receive 15% discount off ALL scheduled training listed on our website and still benefit from FlexiCredit - earn discounts on future training.


Book a 5-day Masterclass and you pay £806 + VAT (£967.20) also also get £150 + VAT discount off any future course with the FlexiCredit.

Just mention you're self funding if calling us to book or select the 'self funding' checkbox when booking your course.

What's the difference between a company booking and self-funding?

  • Self-funding is for individuals who would not look to claim the training as a business expense. Typically these people would be start-ups, freelancers, sole traders or people wishing to move careers and generally anyone not part of a Limited company. Students that are in full-time education at a school, college or university establishment are also typical self-funders.
  • Individuals part of a company and booking as self-funding (and getting their company to fund as an expense) are NOT classed as a self-funder.
  • All self-funders must pay 10 days before the start of the course (no credit facilities). If you are booking less than 10 days prior to the course then payment is required immediately upon booking.

How do I obtain the Adobe software?

Perfect for those self-funding - the Adobe Creative Cloud for as little as £17 + VAT per month for one product.
Adobe has released a cost-effective solution to buying expensive software - it marks a huge turnaround in the way in which software is purchased. For more detailed information, visit our Adobe Creative Cloud page.