Become Adobe certified

Build a unique portfolio and gain a professional certification that conveys your advanced knowledge – that is what becoming Adobe certified is about.

Whether you're new to Adobe or an experienced user, Adobe certification will help take you to another level. Being Adobe certified:

  • Is a professionally-recognised qualification
  • Proves that you hold a solid understanding of the Adobe product
  • Opens doors to new opportunities
  • Will take advantage of digital badges to broadcast your accreditation

Become Adobe Certified with Certitec

Learn about the many benefits of becoming Adobe certified in a competitive market

When only an Adobe certified professional (ACP) certification is good enough

Many organisation will now only consider individuals who possess Adobe certification as part of their application process for positions. By becoming Adobe certified, you will be taking control of your own future - putting yourself in the driving seat.

  • You can undertake your exam under macOS or Windows
  • The exam itself is 25% multiple choice and 75% hands-on
  • You will need to score 70% or above to pass, with our current pass rate being 99%

Pathway to Adobe certification

Adobe accreditation process

You're in safe hands when it comes to becoming Adobe certified

In addition to our professional training delivered by our Adobe certified instructors - we also provide the following to further increase your chances of becoming Adobe certified:

  • ACP accelerator app - we provide you with our 'app' which is 50 questions to answer (and learn from) 5-days prior to your exam
  • Get accustomed to the exam simulator - we provide you a real-time walk through of how the actual simulator works and even get the chance to answer some of the questions for yourself

Candidate exam analytics

24 February 2023 - 23 February 2024 (12 months)
  • 83.42% pass rate
  • 225 exams (193 passed) + (32 failed)
  • Should you not pass the first time, you can retake the exam (up to 5 separate free attempts are allowed) for no charge when the course runs again in our schedule.

Important information on the remote ACP exam

  • You must undertake the exam on a non-work (home) computer in a browser (Chrome, EDGE or Safari) which is connected to your home broadband connection (no VPN)
  • You don't need any Adobe software installed to undertake the exam itself. The exam is delivered in Windows mode but since you're connecting via a browser - it doesn't matter if you're a Windows or MacOS user.

Become an Adobe certified specialist

When you pass multiple Adobe certified professional exams - Adobe will then automatically award you the multiple certification 'Adobe specialist' status as below:

  • Visual specialist - Photoshop - then InDesign or Illustrator passes
  • Video specialist - Premiere Pro - then After Effects or Photoshop passes

View more details.

“I found the accelerated learning methodology an extremely powerful way to retain information in a training course. 10/10 and very pleased with the outcome!”

Simon Jackson, Bid manager, Klever Plc

“In a nutshell – it was fantastic and cannot praise you enough!”

Liam Potter, L&D manager, Hola Travel Guides

“I was impressed with Certitec every step of the way. Their professionalism shone through and I am thoroughly happy with my experience.”

Connie Abrahams, I.T., White Raft Global

“The trainers, equipment, location and learning structure was impeciable! Thank you.”

Delores Peyo, Translator, South America Discovered

“It can be described as an exchange of knowledge – I am truly thankful.”

Jo Dems, Private, South Downs

“I loved the way in which the trainer was able to relay what we did back to us for better memory retention. It was quite extraordinary and memorable for sure.”

Howard Freeds, On-boarding, Tyne Books

“There was not a single question which our trainer could not answer. The course flowed very well and recapping each session worked superbly. Thank you.”

William Boroughsburg, Buyer, Print

“It is the first ever computer training course I attended where they used storytelling to relax us, which helped me especially absorb more information. Fantastic.”

Mo Jacobs, PA, Ing

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