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“I thought the course content was very good and it flowed well from one activity to another”

Mike Leech, Cheshire Council

“The experience was excellent. Booking was seamless and efficient. We did ask for multiple changes with date, all of which were handed courteously. The course was fantastic”

Michael Dennis, Kingfisher

“My course instructor was great. The examples were real-world and even the beginner course taught an old pro a few new things!”

Jim Thornton, Civil Defence

“The trainer was superb and demonstarted a superb knowledge of the programme - had a great presentation style, was very clear, and was very engaging”

Janet Esporito, NHS

“Great tutor - incredible knowledgeable - really well-designed course to go through steps and learn how to use the software to its best ability!”

Phillip Sommers, HMRC

“This training is really good and useful. You learn a lot of different things you can do, and produce. The teaching is great, and it's fun to do it and learn”

Mike Robinson, UK AdLib

“Alistair is fantastic and a real asset to Certitec. I have really been struggling with learning After Effects but its clicked because of the way he has done the training”

Patricia Varianto, BP

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