Booking conditions

We strongly believe that our booking conditions are realistic – that’s why we’re different.

We understand the pressures of modern life and realise that flexibility is vital. Whether it’s moving your course or re-attending, our flexible approach allows you to do that with no hassle.

  • Easily move your course to another date
  • Replace delegate with another delegate
  • Choose a different course
  • Re-attend your course for free

Learn about our booking conditions

Our booking conditions

The following terms and conditions govern business transacted with Certitec Training Limited, hereafter referred to as "Certitec":

Self funding individuals

  • Bookings made by self-funding individuals must be paid via a debit/credit card when the booking is made.

Company and charity 

  • Bookings made by a company or charity will receive an invoice. Payment can be made online (via the supplied payment link on the invoice) or by default provided 15-days payment terms.
  • Certitec reserves the right to change prices without notice, but this will not affect any course you have already paid for or booked.
  • We will email you a confirmation package over email (your ePaperwork), which includes a registration confirmation number (invoice number).

Hotel and travel arrangements

  • Do not make any travel or accommodation bookings outside of 6-working days prior to the course. Certitec will not be liable for any expenses if a client has booked any travel arrangements if in the rare event the course is cancelled 6-days or more prior to the course.

Cancelling your course more than 10 working days prior to course commencement

  • If you cancel your course more than 10 working days prior to course commencement date then you will receive a full refund
  • If the invoice has been paid or the invoice will be cancelled if you have not paid. 
  • All cancellations must be received via email and confirmed back

Cancelling or moving your course 10-0 working days prior to course commencement

Company bookings cancellations or movements

  • If you wish to cancel or move your course within 10-working days prior to the course your invoice will still need to be paid within 15-days of when the course was due to run in the original booking.

Self-funding bookings cancellations

  • If you wish to cancel your course within 10-working days prior to the course then no refund is provided. However you will never lose your course (please see below applicable to all booking types when wishing to move your training course to another date)

Terms on moving your course

  • You will never lose your training course
  • However, if in the future that moved course cannot run for any reason or the course has been retired, or even the venue changed or not available, then since it is still tied to the original booking, no refund is possible for any reason on the original re-arranged course.
  • You can choose a different date of when the course is running again and even change the booking into a different course / location / delegate / date.

Certitec cancelling your course – all booking types

  • If Certitec does cancel your original booking for any reason then you then have full flexibility to ask for a full refund at that point
  • This also applies to any subsequent re-arrangement of the course – you have full flexibility to still cancel since the original course was cancelled by Certitec
  • The delegate has full control over future events with this scenario

Arriving late on any day of the course

  • If a delegate arrives more than 60 minutes late for their course we reserve the right to deny the delegate entry to the classroom for the remainder of the course. This is because it might affect the flow of the training for the rest of the delegates in the classroom
  • You have full flexibility to re-arrange but the original course will marked as 'run' and there will be no future claim on any refund if any future course cannot run

Delegate substitutions

  • Delegate substitutions are acceptable but the substitute delegate meets all course prerequisites and is approved by Certitec over email

Rescheduling by Certitec

  • In the event that it is necessary for Certitec to cancel or reschedule a course, we will give a minimum of 5 working days notice. In such circumstances we will supply new dates for when the course is scheduled to next run and also if applicable offer a different venue
  • Alternatively, we can offer a refund on the full course if not yet taken or a pro-rata refund on the untaken parts of a course remaining
  • All liability by Certitec will be limited to the value of the original course fee and no other expenses incurred by any other means


  • All agreed refunds on courses will be applied within 10 working days.

Advance courses paid in advance

  • Pre-paid courses must be undertaken within 36 months to qualify for a refund. After this time, Certitec guarantees to still deliver the training but no refund (partial or full) is available.

Last updated 13th April 2022

“I found the accelerated learning methodology an extremely powerful way to retain information in a training course. 10/10 and very pleased with the outcome!”

Simon Jackson, Bid manager, Klever Plc

“In a nutshell – it was fantastic and cannot praise you enough!”

Liam Potter, L&D manager, Hola Travel Guides

“I was impressed with Certitec every step of the way. Their professionalism shone through and I am thoroughly happy with my experience.”

Connie Abrahams, I.T., White Raft Global

“The trainers, equipment, location and learning structure was impeciable! Thank you.”

Delores Peyo, Translator, South America Discovered

“It can be described as an exchange of knowledge – I am truly thankful.”

Jo Dems, Private, South Downs

“I loved the way in which the trainer was able to relay what we did back to us for better memory retention. It was quite extraordinary and memorable for sure.”

Howard Freeds, On-boarding, Tyne Books

“There was not a single question which our trainer could not answer. The course flowed very well and recapping each session worked superbly. Thank you.”

William Boroughsburg, Buyer, Print

“It is the first ever computer training course I attended where they used storytelling to relax us, which helped me especially absorb more information. Fantastic.”

Mo Jacobs, PA, Ing

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