How remote training works

Our remote training courses are designed to give you complete flexibility and receive the exact same training experience – remotely!

Like our in-class training, the same course agenda will be followed and course numbers will be kept to a minimum, so you have the opportunity to interact and ask the trainer questions.

  • The same flexibility as in the classroom
  • The same experience but no travel
  • All training sessions are recorded for future reference
  • The same Adobe certified instructors that train our in-class courses
  • Reduced training cost

An actual remote training session 

Let’s check that it works

You will need to have the following to join the remote training:


  • a headset with attached microphone (like picture below) or the built-in sound capabilities of your computer


Getting started

GoToTraining will include all instructions within an email. Once you receive that email, simply follow the link to enter the training.

Inside the training environment

You can view the training session on your Mac or Windows computer

Where is the trainer?

Like all of our courses, you’ll be guaranteed an Adobe Certified trainer for your training course (it’s the same training team deliver both in-class and remote training). Our UK based training team will be clearly visible on your computer or mobile device and you can interact and follow through the instructional training which they will be delivering. You’ll be able to:

  • Hear their voice (audio coming through)
  • See their face (their webcam will be visible)
  • View their computer (on your device)
  • Work alongside and learn and build content
  • Pass over control during times when you need help

Once in the virtual training room, here’s your options to get the most from of the training: 

Scenario 1: Using a mobile device

scenario 1

Scenario 2: Dual screens 


Scenario 3: Single screen


Scenario 4: Just watch, take notes and review the session video



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