Update 5th January 2021. We continue to deliver classroom and remote training as an educational establishment.

What is remote training?

Our remote training courses are designed to give you complete flexibility and receive the exact same training experience – remotely!

Like our in-class training, the same course agenda will be followed and course numbers will be kept to a minimum, so you have the opportunity to interact and ask the trainer questions.

The same flexibility as in the classroom

The trainer also has the option to control your screen and demonstrate how to resolve any issues you may be having.

The same experience but no travel

Remote training is also perfect for those wishing to learn an Adobe product, without having to travel to one of our training venues. This is ideal for those who typically can’t attend one of our training centre courses because of their geographical location or work commitments.

All training sessions are recorded for future reference

We also ensure that all training sessions are recorded and all delegates will receive a copy of their training… Who said training has to finish when the course is over - A benefit you don’t get from in-class training.

An actual remote training session 

  • The exact same training from a location that suits you
  • The same Adobe certified instructors that train our in-class courses
  • Reduced training cost
  • No travel or accommodation costs
  • All sessions are recorded and all delegates get access to the training recording


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