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  • Central LondonOnline, Instructor-led
  • 9.30am–4.30pm
  • Workbook & supportSupport
  • Lunch & refreshmentsVideo recording of course
  • 4 days
  • Accelerated learning
  • Business: £799679+VAT
  • Individual / charity: £679577+VAT (£814.80692.40)
  • Adobe CC2023

Course dates


  • 02–05 September 2024

Course dates


  • 02–05 September 2024

Option to split dates when booking


If you're looking to go from an Animate newbie to an advanced user, the masterclass Animate training course is for you.

It's important to build on the foundations, so you'll begin by understanding the Animate interface, before getting hands on with animation, layers, effects, tweeting, masks, action script, exporting and much more. 

This course will be delivered through our Accelerated learning approach, allowing you to learn more information, easier and more efficiently than standard training approaches.

Target Audience

This course is for designers, marketers, developers or anyone looking to take their animation effects skills to an advanced level.  

Upon completion, you'll be able to:

  • Feel comfortable navigating the Animate interface and understand both the core and specialist features
  • Work with documents, text, shapes and colour
  • Create animations, interactivity and be able to integrate Adobe CC libraries into your project
  • Understand preloaders, camera in Animate and HTML5 canvas reusable components
  • Master Animate tweening, masking and adding effects and filters to your projects
  • Create HTML5 banner ads, master actionscript interactivity and create digital magazines
  • Utilise audio and video, and master advanced exporting and converting options

Accelerated learning

Our Accelerated learning approach at Certitec is unique within the Adobe training industry. Our focus is not on what you learn, but how you learn. Referred to as ‘Accelerated Learning’, this process allows you to digest a significant amount of information more quickly, and more easily than through other methods.

Accelerated learning

  • Establish a firm understanding on the learning process before embarking
  • Overcoming any learned helplessness by reframing what will be learnt upon completion
  • Sessions no longer than 60 minutes each to maximise how we learn 
  • The use of course workbooks to strengthen memory retention (classroom)
  • Finding a balance between new and recap learning
  • Kinaesthetic (‘hands-on’) techniques
  • Video of entire course upon completion (remote)

Find out more about our Accelerated learning process.


What to expect from this course

The first two days of Animate training are focused on getting you up to speed with the interface and progressing through the starter level features e.g. basic animation, layer control, effects and more. Days three and four are targeted towards the more advanced features and you'll create animated text layers, masks, tweeting, action script, export to modern file formats and more. 

Our Adobe certified training team will be with you all the way, helping you go from a beginner to an advanced Animate user.

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Day one – Understanding Animate concepts

Getting to know Animate

  • Adobe Animate Workspace
  • The Tools panel
  • Working with Panels
  • Panel Dock
  • Libraries
  • Setting Preferences
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with documents

  • Working with the Stage
  • Using Guides, Rulers, and Grids
  • Using the Timeline
  • Using Layers
  • Copying and Moving Content
  • Undoing, Redoing
  • History in Animate

Working with shapes and colour

  • Drawing in Animate
  • Using Vector Graphics
  • Using Bitmap Graphics
  • Merge Drawing Mode
  • Object Drawing Mode
  • Drawing Primitive Shapes
  • Creating Overlapping Shapes
  • Adding Colour
  • Strokes and Fills
  • Gradients
  • Lines
  • Arranging Objects
  • Transforming Objects

Working with text

  • Using Text in Animate
  • Working with Fonts
  • Using Typekit Web Fonts
  • Using Leading

Day two – Pushing your knowledge onwards

Working with symbols

  • What Symbols are and how they work
  • What Symbols’ Instances are
  • Movie Clip Symbols
  • Graphic Symbols
  • Button Symbols
  • Creating Symbols
  • Converting Content to Symbols
  • Swapping Content
  • Editing Symbols
  • Editing Instances
  • Working with Library

Working with animations

  • Shape Tweens
  • Classic Tweens
  • Motion Tweens
  • Frame-by-Frame Animation
  • Working with Frame Rates
  • Frames and Keyframes
  • Keyframes and Blank Keyframes
  • Using Onion Skinning
  • Previewing Animations

Creating interactivity

  • Using JavaScript in Animate
  • Using ActionScript 3.0 in Animate
  • Using Code Snippets
  • Adding Code Snippets to Objects
  • Working with Buttons
  • Making Movie Clips into Buttons
  • Buttons States
  • Editing Buttons
  • Testing Buttons

Animate CC libraries

  • Using Adobe CC Libraries
  • CC Libraries integration in Animate
  • Designer-Developer workflow with libraries

Publishing and exporting

  • Exporting from Animate
  • Publishing from Animate
  • Differences between Exporting and Publishing
  • Exporting as SWF
  • Exporting for HTML5
  • Exporting Formats
  • Publishing Preview
  • Publish Settings
  • Adding Flash Player Detection
  • Publishing HTML5 to InDesign, MUSE and Dreamweaver
  • Create responsive animations
  • Add a pre-loader to your HTML5 animation

Day three – Development of concepts and putting skills into practice

Animate tweening

  • Tweening and the Timeline
  • Guiding the Objects
  • Creating Paths
  • Editing Paths
  • Subselection Tool
  • Importing Photoshop Artwork
  • Importing Illustrator Artwork


  • Using Masks in Animate
  • Creating Mask Layers
  • Animating Masked Content
  • Masking Content with AS 3.0
  • Removing Masking

Creating banner ads

  • Tips on creating HTML5 banner ads
  • Banner ad sizes
  • Creating expandable banners
  • Creating banner ads with transparency

Actionscript interactivity

  • Scripting Code
  • Using Actions Panel
  • Adding Actions
  • Removing Actions
  • Adding Code to Frames
  • Adding Code to Objects
  • Controlling Symbols with Actions
  • Creating ActionScript Functions
  • Working with Dynamic Text Fields

Working with effects and filters

  • Color and Brightness Effects
  • Tint and Alpha Effects
  • Advanced Effects
  • Animated Filters
  • Applying and Removing Filters
  • Copying Filters
  • Creating Filter Presets

Day four – Refining your skills and consolidation

Working with inverse kinematics

  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Creating Bone Structures
  • Inverse Kinematics with Movie Clips
  • Inverse Kinematics with Shapes
  • Animating Inverse Kinematics Structures

Working with audio

  • Importing Sounds
  • Stream Sounds
  • Event Sounds
  • Supported Sound File Formats
  • Editing Sounds in Animate
  • Sounds Library

Working with video

  • Importing Video
  • Supported Video File Formats
  • Streaming or Downloading Video
  • Embedding Video
  • Using FLV and F4V Videos
  • Using MP4 Videos
  • Import Video Wizard
  • Controlling Video Playback

Digital magazines (DPS)

  • Design considerations for animated content for digital magazines
  • Planning animated magazine cover design
  • Creating an animated magazine cover
  • Exporting animated magazine cover from Animate
  • Importing animated magazine cover into InDesign

Working with preloaders

  • How Preloaders work
  • Design considerations when creating preloaders
  • Creating HTML5 Preloaders
  • Creating Flash Preloaders
  • Integrating Preloaders into your design

Working with camera in Animate

  • Integrated Virtual Camera
  • Panning the subject of the frame
  • Zooming on the object
  • Rotating the camera
  • Applying colour effects

HTML5 Canvas reusable components

  • How Components work
  • New HTML5 Canvas Components vs Flash Components
  • Integrating components into your designs

Advanced exporting and converting

  • Converting Documents to Other Formats
  • Document Converter
  • Converting Animations to HTML5
  • Exporting Raster Images as Sprite Sheets
  • Creating Android, iOS and AIR Apps
  • Packaging Apps for Android, iOS and AIR

Classroom trainint

Advantages of classroom training

Classroom training has many advantages over other formats of training since in-person interaction and communication plays an extremely important part to absorbing information. 

Classroom training allows you to get trained in a safe, quiet, clean environment, away from the noise and pressures of the office or home. The classroom environment provides the important “human touch,” which is often missing in technology-based training. 

You can’t beat real life interaction when asking important questions and receiving immediate feedback. 

Other benefits of classroom training include:

  • Group interaction. People learn from one another as well as from the trainer
  • Training groups can be large or small
  • Classroom training also teaches us how to interact with one another in a professional, productive, cooperative way, which is something that other forms of training often don’t provide

Remote training

Advantages of remote training

Remote training introduces a virtually no-limits training option since it's extremely flexible. You can attend a remote training session anywhere in the world and has become increasingly popular over the last few years. 

Remote training plays itself into your hands and you can harness technology to enable you to use traditional computers, tablets and even phones for complete flexibility.

You can see your trainer (webcam) and they will take you through the training session like you're actually attending a classroom training event.

Other benefits of remote training include:

  • No travel to the classroom - you can attend remote training in your pj's if you wish!
  • Training groups can be large or small and even split over multiple locations and even multiple countries at the same time
  • You have the ability to interact with your trainer by talking, electronically raising your hand and even allow for them to see your screen (if you authorise)
  • All remote training sessions are recorded - so you can play-back at anytime in the future and enhance your learning experience


Are there any discounts for individuals/self funders and charities?

You will save 15% off the course price if you’re a non-business delegate and includes the following:

  • Self funding individual
  • Charity

When you select your booking status (as above) then our system then automatically deducts 15% from the price.

How do I actually book my course?

Find the course you wish and then click on the ‘book now’ button and complete the form.

What are the payment terms?

Please refer to our how to pay document.

How do I enter / use a PO when making my booking?

When you book your course and select the 'company' option - you will be able to enter a PO number into the relevant field. We will then issue your invoice with the PO embedded.

If you missed the PO field - just email us back with your PO and we'll do the rest.

What are the training times?

We start at 9.30 and finish at 4.30pm with plenty of breaks and 40 minutes for lunch. For more details visit our specific timings page.

Is there any pre or post study required prior to undertaking any course?

The simple answer is no.

If you have booked an 'Adobe certified' course with us - you do have the option to view some sample documents we send across prior to your exam.

Although this would only affect your scoring by a couple of percent either way.

What is Adobe certification?

Adobe certified professional. Build a unique portfolio and gain a professional certification that communicates your advanced knowledge- that is what becoming Adobe certified is about.

Is there any technical support after the course completes?

After your course, we don’t leave you high-and-dry. Our technical support is provided for a lifetime.

How do I gain multiple Adobe certifications?

Become an Adobe certified professional with our Adobe certification masterclass. It will provide you with a solid qualification in the design / video sector and increase your chances of landing your dream job!

I become Adobe certified a couple of years ago. Does this mean I'm still Adobe certified?

When you undertake and pass an Adobe certified professional (or the retired 'Adobe certified associate) exam, then you will always be certified in the specific version of the exam you undertook.

e.g. You become Adobe certified in Premiere Pro CC2022 and you will always possess this accreditation.

However, as time moves onwards, Adobe will release more recent versions (e.g. CC 2023, CC2024 etc).

Therefore to remain 'current' then you will need to ensure you have passed the very latest version of the Adobe certified professional exam.

How do I obtain the Adobe Creative Cloud software?

You can either subscribe to the entire suite (that’s all the applications) or just one application on a monthly basis. Adobe offers a free 7-day trial for each application if you wish to try before you subscribe. 

Just visit the Adobe Creative Cloud page and see what might be the best option for you.

What happens if I am unwell on the morning of my course?

This is just fine from a course perspective since you can re-arrange again (according to our course schedule) for no fee.

Can I jump immediately to an advanced course?

Delegates attending an Advanced course must already possess at least 85% of the knowledge of the (previous) Introduction course. This is so you are not out of your depth in the Advanced course and also so other delegates are not affected.

Will I be able to work to my own agenda in the training?

Our courses are scheduled and run with the same outline and objectives.

Whilst our trainers can field some ad hoc questions along the way we are unable to provide specific information on your personal project.

Is the training just 'watching' or is it interactive?

The training is interactive just like you were in the training room with the trainer.

You will download the training files and work through modular exercises with your Adobe certified instructor.

If you need assistance you can ask your trainer and they will help you work through any issues you experience.

What if I fail my Adobe certified exam?

Should you not pass the first time, you can retake the exam (up to 5 separate free attempts are allowed) for no charge when the course runs again in our schedule.

The Adobe certified professional (ACP) exam is facilitated solely by Certiport and their testing solution (Exams from Home [EFH]).

See our booking conditions should the Certiport EFH system become inaccessible or inoperable.

Will I get a certificate for attending?

Yes - your Adobe training centre certificate of attendance will be emailed after your training course completes.

What do I receive after my course completes?

Upon completion of your course, you will receive the following assets:

  • a video of your actual course with your trainer (remote)
  • a video of your classroom trainer delivering the course syllabus which you covered (classroom)
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • links to supplementary 'help' documents if applicable to your course

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Course: Animate Animate masterclass – 4 days

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15 reviews


recommended the course

Trainer explained things very well

Gemma Harris. 4th October, 2023

One of the best training courses I have been on (and I have been on a lot of them) The trainer Marek was fantastic, thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. Would recommend highly to anyone.

Bekki Lee Burrows. 6th August, 2023

My knowledge has increased!

Kristen Wiltshire. 12th July, 2023

I found it very informative. The trainer was very patient and the pace was slow enough that you could do things yourself and try different things without getting lost

Albert Morris. 3rd May, 2023

Alistair was a great trainer and it was a very enjoyable course!

Mark Stepney. 8th April, 2023



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Do you understand and work with interactive objects?


Question 5 of 10

Do you understand and work with interacting on a timeline?


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Question 7 of 10

Do you understand and work with javascript and code snippets?


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“The course was easy to follow - instructions were clear - ideal working time break balance - the fact that we knew sessions would be recorded reduced stress and kept sessions flowing - excellent training materials and exercises - personable instructor”

Rebecca Matheson, Forum Europe

“Really accessible and user-friendly, perfect for my style of learning.”

Adam Goott, Fulwell 73

“The course was thorough and detailed and, despite being an introduction to Illustrator, featured a lot of interesting features of tools I hadn't encountered. The instructor was also great, friendly and knowledgable about his subject.”

Sofia Ferreira Santos, KCLSU

“The instructor was really engaging, detailed, and explained everything in an easy to processes way. I look forward to taking more training classes in the future.”

Ruth Copping, Take Art

“Alistair is an excellent instructor, he is very knowledgeable about Animate and its features and explains everything to the full.”

Lara Alford, Michelmores LLP

“The course ran at a good pace, the messaging, instructions and demonstrations were all very clear. Jon made the Animate course entertaining and kept my full attention 100% of the time!”

Ellie Fells, Gloucester Cathedral

“It was fun and very informative. 2 days does not seem like a lot but the Animate training manages to fit in a lot by jumping straight into editing!”

Zara Broadfield, MRN

“Amazing level of detail throughout the Animate course. Clear and easy to follow. I am able to ask questions during and after the course. Highly recommend the course.”

Dean Reilly, Orien Engineering Services Ltd

“Good tutors, great pace of learning and covers most/all of the important animations stuff! It certainly got me my pass!”

Gez Parker, Educational Supply

“Mark was fantastic - friendly guy who made the learning experience enjoyable. I am already approaching work projects differently. Mark you have made my job so much easier!!”

Becs Parker, Wolfson Centre for Young People

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